Express Train

DSCN0824 (1)My Chip was excellent about staying with me with one exception, out the front door. If he saw a chance to bolt, he would. He would leave town like the express train. He always came back. My favorite incident was one afternoon, Hummel and he caught the flyer. The neighbors about 3 houses down had him and Hummel by the collar and were leading them back. They were about a house away when I noticed what was going on. I told the couple to let loose of them knowing their ticket was punched and they’d return home with me. The neighbors were awe struck. Me? I was embarrassed my highly trained pair looked like hoboes rousted by the railway bulls.

A Moment of Weakness

The urgency of needing to seek out a dog who no longer exists but for the memories. I get these moments of weakness, I feel I need to get into the Jeep and go pick up Hummel from somewhere. It is impossible, I was the one to bury her. Daily, I walk past her grave. I don’t think it ever gets any easier. The scar tissue deepens, we become stronger with the topic but the loss is eternal.DSCN0901

A Tiny White Feather

Subzero Day

Subzero Day

Pay attention! My attention is diverted to so many things and issues that any type of new diversion would have to be ……well nagging. All day long from the initial morning hour to early evening I had been nagged by something on the inside of my shorts. At one point I grabbed the shorts and gave them a good yank hoping to dislodge what I thought was similar to a stick tight burr. Nothing changed and I continued to rake the lawn, clean up after a dog, ride a bike, reset the solar lights into the sun, work on the computer, prepare meals, broom the floor. The needling had gotten to be such a nag that I walked up the bathroom to drop the garments and see what was doing the badgering. I wear cotton bloomers. I want and like to be comfortable, hence the choice. There is elastic banding around the leg opening and within this banding I found the tiniest white feather. Others find feathers, me I have feathers around because of down comforters or pillows and have never felt a fitting together to the spiritual world. Others have those special moments from loved ones who have taken the Peace Walk; that is never my good fortune or persona. The day’s date was a month after my heart and soul left this earth. She knew every molecule of my being. She knew it would take more than a loose feather in or about any room to let me know all is fine. Believe~


The differences in dogs~ Tookie all the time seems to be underfoot. She has a knack for it. Today I grabbed her up and loved her….on the rough side. She is a polar opposite of Hummel and eats up this type of living. I put her back on her feet and she wobbled over to where I was asking for more of this type of loving. Her fuzzy, hard coat head with asking eyes rolled up inquiring, quietly begging for the fun to continue.

Tookie at Play

Water Baby

No Meds Needed

DSC01119-1Convergence of the universe: my girls are old and both have ailments. In January, Hummel had a puncture wound, a through and through, in her right foot. I had doctored her and had thought I had it healed but she had turned up lame in that same foot a day ago. I checked and sure enough I felt a ball of what I had thought to be puss. I took her to the vet this a.m., with my heart in my throat, I took her in the room and waited for the vet to show up. I am one of the fortunate people – it was only a compacted hair ball located deep in between the pads!!!! The vet clipped it and a second one out. Happy Dance!!! NO medical treatment needed.

This vet’s appointment method is a first come first serve basis. You simply show up in the a.m. The door opens at 0800hrs. In 16 degree weather, I arrived at 0710hrs. I was the second car in the lot. When the third car arrived the three of us got out of our cars to respectfully take our place in line. No matter when you arrive, you must be in line to maintain your place. There was a wind and it was hard on the exposed surfaces. There were two cats, one on either side of me and the fourth critter in line was a boxer, an old boxer. So after making sure I could go after my dog without losing my place in line, I brought back Hummel, a heavy towel and her doggie coat for the boxer. I knew the heavy towel would stay on her coat due to the nature of the furtles but I felt the boxer needed the Velcro staying power. The dog’s owner was appreciative; once in side, he gave back the coat. The free for all does give the pet community a chance to get to know each other better and sometimes even empathize with each other.

Frantic in the Park

Hummel continues to go blind. She cannot see me, discern if I am a tree or a person, her person if the wind is not right. Yesterday, while at the park I made sure to monitor the distance between us and her whereabouts. The wind was from the west and I was east of her. I became distracted with something minor and she realized she had lost me. She has been a tracking fool all her life and she immediately picked up the back track and began to run – blindly run searching for me. She is lean and quick, even in my earlier years I would have never been able to catch up to her and she was off like a shot. I saw this and yelled more than once, frantic she’d not hear me because in addition to blindness she is loosing her hearing. What a formula for disaster. For whatever the reason, maybe the age of the track, she paused and I continued to call and whoop for her as I drew nearer in her direction. She heard me and made her way back in my direction. I thought she was going to run into the wind fence around the T-ball diamond. I called again to give her a point in the distance to focus on and to move her away from the fencing. We live through our dogs and this dog owns my soul. Sigh~ old age is not for sissies and having to witness the degeneration of a best friend who loves unconditionally ~ well, you know. DSCN0921

Stretch Pants

Stretch pants and an old Airedale’s sense of humor. A mouthy dog makes some owners look for ways to correct the behavior. Tookie’s tactile behavior is magnified through the use of her superior nose and her mouth to grasp on to something that is either getting a way or simply not close enough. A dog also detects scent through his/her mouth. Today, I was escaping Tookie; moving by too quickly towards the door to let them out. I had been out of the house and Tookie wanted to know where I had been so she latched on to my pants. Through the years, she has done this as well as has hooked a leg around mine to stop or slow me. I’ve never had this happen in stretch pants – it was like a taught rubber band needing to retract.