False News

via Daily Prompt: Natty

Had a CO two cartridge gone off? The driver’s side interior of the white SUV was filled to capacity with a nattily dressed woman. The woman of dissimilar proportions sat inside her SUV at the end of Holiday Street. Her intention was clear, capture the dog taking a dump on the lawn. The dog was all gathered up to relieve itself. The woman was late. The dog had already dropped the mother load. She sat in wait while the dog also sat in wait. She got nothing, he delivered nothing. Me, I had already asked a passing police officer for a poo bag, any type of bag. He apologized, his squad car was void of any type of bag, “not even a Walmart bag.” The bag dispenser in the park was empty. What can I say, I used a different pack to carry mail to the post office and had failed to put in a few poo bags. I’m sure the woman’s Facebook page was lit up by comments about the dog walker who allowed her dog to poo without picking it up. The story doesn’t end here, down the street a woman was out dead heading her flowers. I asked for a bag and she gladly provided not one but two. I returned, bagged it, and dropped it in a garbage bin positioned along the street for the Monday pick up. My dog and I moved on. Her Facebook page won’t reflect that. No, I’m sure she was the hero of her story and I was the surge of society.


Bully Stick to the rescue! Geordie is an “In your face” kind of dog. If he wants something, like attention, he will be unrelenting. My chair at the computer table is a no go zone when he feels I have spent too much time there. I must admit, I appreciate his tolerance of the long hours of neglect. I also appreciate his due diligence to insure I don’t spend all my quality time staring into the screen. Today after getting the groceries and errands run, then putting everything away I thought I would catch a few minutes online. I thought he could be bought with a bully stick. Savoring the flavors and enjoying the texture of the meat was a low priority. He finished quickly and we took a hike. Crazy warm weather in the middle of January; opt outside!imgp2825

“Opt Outside”

The kayaker gave an apprehensive look to the camera knowing technology can thrust his quiet private life out across the world. I gave away my inflatable kayak this past summer. It was a trade on a door being fixed. After seeing this guy and his dog out on the water, in the middle of the winter, when the temperature was only a negative 6 degrees Fahrenheit yesterday; I grabbed my boots, whistled the dog and headed outside.

winter-blues-borderThe privacy of my winter cocoon is no match for what I find outside. As REI says, “Opt outside.”

Exposure to Environmental Elements

anitque-n-maskBoots or shoes, cloth, leather or Tyvek, my choices for when I step out into the weather for a walk. My dog, he’s young, new to me, doesn’t have the luxury of choice. I have yet to purchase booties for him so he has to deal with the exposure of the environments I choose. Sunday the two of us chose to walk the banks of the local reservoir. Locally, this time of year the reservoirs are dropped so they accommodate the spring rains. This gives Geordie and me the opportunity to walk long miles on mostly unfettered stretches of land. Since it is a reservoir, broken glass, remnants of trees, fresh water clams, and old metal shards are at times found, and need to be navigated around.  When Geordie began limping I pulled up short and examined the foot he favored. Immediately, I recognized the fact I do not handle his feet enough because he unwillingly offed me a good look. With his effort to pull the foot away, I checked between the toes and around the pads, saw nothing, cleared out the detritus and we moved on. The limping ceased and I put another item on my “to do” list; put the dog up on the counter and handle his feet more.

More Than a Photo

via Daily Prompt: Aesthetic

Photos and video clips are capable of being transcended with the new technology of photo applications. Organic objects transfixed with new color schemes, masks or enhancements jolt and encourage inventiveness. “Stay within the lines,” beckoned our teachers who encouraged hand eye coordination. “Break the mold,” encouraged revolutionaries. It costs nothing to play, no damage is done, and I get a sense of “wow” who would have guessed it could look so good.  Aesthetic, artistic,  and feast-light-15beautiful are a few adjectives that I would use to describe what I have modified.