Frantic in the Park

Hummel continues to go blind. She cannot see me, discern if I am a tree or a person, her person if the wind is not right. Yesterday, while at the park I made sure to monitor the distance between us and her whereabouts. The wind was from the west and I was east of her. I became distracted with something minor and she realized she had lost me. She has been a tracking fool all her life and she immediately picked up the back track and began to run – blindly run searching for me. She is lean and quick, even in my earlier years I would have never been able to catch up to her and she was off like a shot. I saw this and yelled more than once, frantic she’d not hear me because in addition to blindness she is loosing her hearing. What a formula for disaster. For whatever the reason, maybe the age of the track, she paused and I continued to call and whoop for her as I drew nearer in her direction. She heard me and made her way back in my direction. I thought she was going to run into the wind fence around the T-ball diamond. I called again to give her a point in the distance to focus on and to move her away from the fencing. We live through our dogs and this dog owns my soul. Sigh~ old age is not for sissies and having to witness the degeneration of a best friend who loves unconditionally ~ well, you know. DSCN0921


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