Geordie, my dog, was sick this morning, had diarrhea under the table. When I came to the kitchen area I smelled it. We all know that “light bulb” moment when the nose says things are askew. I haven’t had a sick dog incident for years and had to line out the steps needed to clean up that type of mess. I also had a service provider coming today. With due diligence I used every dog product under the sink on this project. I was nervous there would be an offensive residual smell left in the house. Coffee, I brewed a pot of it to cover the possible odor. In short, the fellow never needed to be in the house.

Daily Prompt: Fashionable

Lamp shades- they really need to be replaced. Those lamps have taken more headers than any lamp shade should be expected to sustain. I am considering replacing them now that I no longer pretend to be the quarter back throwing a long pass, a pitcher throwing an inside curve ball, a goalie blocking a shot and so on – those dogs who played on the receiver’s end for any of this tomfoolery only haunt these walls.


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Shopping After Dark

Shopping after dark – the chicken was rubbed with garlic and the clerk commented she bought the bar-b-q’d rubbed chicken. I checked out, put the groceries in the Jeep with Geordie and then remembered I had forgotten the Hallmark Card which was on sale and the sale ended yesterday. I went back in. I could not concentrate figuring Geordie was eating the chicken. No, he was in the shotgun seat and again happy to see that I did return….perhaps to share the chicken.IMG_0116

False News

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Had a CO two cartridge gone off? The driver’s side interior of the white SUV was filled to capacity with a nattily dressed woman. The woman of dissimilar proportions sat inside her SUV at the end of Holiday Street. Her intention was clear, capture the dog taking a dump on the lawn. The dog was all gathered up to relieve itself. The woman was late. The dog had already dropped the mother load. She sat in wait while the dog also sat in wait. She got nothing, he delivered nothing. Me, I had already asked a passing police officer for a poo bag, any type of bag. He apologized, his squad car was void of any type of bag, “not even a Walmart bag.” The bag dispenser in the park was empty. What can I say, I used a different pack to carry mail to the post office and had failed to put in a few poo bags. I’m sure the woman’s Facebook page was lit up by comments about the dog walker who allowed her dog to poo without picking it up. The story doesn’t end here, down the street a woman was out dead heading her flowers. I asked for a bag and she gladly provided not one but two. I returned, bagged it, and dropped it in a garbage bin positioned along the street for the Monday pick up. My dog and I moved on. Her Facebook page won’t reflect that. No, I’m sure she was the hero of her story and I was the scourge of society.