Chain of Trouble

So, it was a free taco today because the Raptors beat the Warriors (Taco Bell). I got on the bike and rode down town for the freebee. I needed cheese for the boy’s rice that he doesn’t┬álike and made it a full trip by continuing on to the grocery. While in the store I bought ice cream. I just took off three lbs. I worked hard to do that. They had creeped back on and I got serious about the diet and stayed true until I got in the store. Everyone must be hungry for ice cream or the store failed to stock the shelves because there was not much ice cream to be had. Turkey Hill has a deal of buy one get one free. That may be the reason for no choices. Anyhow, I am sure the three lbs. are back. I gotta tell you. The belly fat that I am sporting is a problem when pedaling my touring bike. It is in the way. I, again, am too fat.

Oh, my feel good or funny for the day. This woman in a pick up gave me the eye. I was in the turn lane waiting to go left at the light. The woman must be a bicyclist and going straight through on the north south, I was east/west. She just had that lingering look as she checked me out. Yeah, I don’t wear all the fancy clothes so maybe it was too much gam showing and she was really disgusted and not wishing she was on her bicycle.

On my way home from the store I crossed the three lanes to get to the edge of the street, no bike lane and not much of a berm. I thought I bounced something out of the back pannier. I stopped along the road thinking I needed to go back and pick up something. No, the cans of tomatoes and tuna must have shifted. I began again. My bike is just back from the shop and not shifting correctly. I thought this bike was going to jam up because I was starting in high gear and it has been skipping, changing gears on its own when pulling a load. Whoosh, a black pickup went past. there are times that I am on the bike that a driver doesn’t give me the three feet required by law. I thought my shifting body in the saddle was going to get nicked by that truck. Anyhow, I got down that road/street and then on the straight away, the home stretch where I love to shift into high gear and pedal like crazy because it is fun and I’m nearly home, the next left puts me on my street but no. The bike derailed when I shifted into high. I had to get off and fix the bike. Heavy with groceries, the chain wanted to be jammed down between the outside gear and the bike. Once that was fixed, so things didn’t jam again, my semi soft ice cream and I cautiously made our way home.



Nail Clipping

Geordie was impossible to trim nails. I decided the next visit to the groomer would not be like what we had experienced.
1. Get an old tooth brush and every time the dog comes inside from outside or when you think of it brush his nails and feet. This has to happen on a consistent basis to be effective. (Daily)
2. Because of mud season this was stepped up with a foot bath that included his feet and nails. I found this especially lucky event because the nail is semi softened but the quick is clearly exposed. There is no guessing where the quick and the dead nail is.
3. Before I ever put a clipper to his feet I always introduced the clipper and laid it on the floor or he saw me put it on the counter.
4. I always put a Milk Bone on the floor where we are working/brushing/scrubbing. Once I am finished, he is given the release word and can have the treat otherwise, it remains on the floor.
5. I did all of this for about 2 to 3 weeks before I ever clipped one nail. When I eventually clipped a nail it was only one. I have a life time to get this right and build his confidence. It is a process.
6. Remember, the foot lays in your hand. You should not have to squeeze the foot to clip a nail. Monitor yourself. It will reduce the dog’s anxiety level if you don’t man handle the foot.
7. I would lightly tap the nails and snap the end of the long nail with a finger so as to have the dog experience each toe being singled out. Eventually, the clipper will do the same.
8. Don’t get greedy for length nor try and get all the nails done at one time. Be patient with the dog. A nail a day, or a nail in the a.m. and one at night. They are still going to be there. Don’t ruin all of your patient behavioral work for going too far too fast.
9. I always count 1, 2, 3 before snipping. I don’t always snip on 3 sometimes it is on 1 but he knows it is coming. Praise, praise, praise for giving the foot, standing still, not kicking over the water/soap container while you work or dry each foot.
10. If the dog has been out in the morning dew, or with you on a hike and the nails have softened with the dew/snow that is prime trim time. The dew/snow has cleaned the quick and softened the nail. Really, it takes down the stress because the nail has softened and cuts so much easier and quieter.
11. Enjoy the process, it all comes down to being consistent and doing it on a daily basis so it becomes a non-issue.
My clippers are the orange handled type.


Geordie, my dog, was sick this morning, had diarrhea under the table. When I came to the kitchen area I smelled it. We all know that “light bulb” moment when the nose says things are askew. I haven’t had a sick dog incident for years and had to line out the steps needed to clean up that type of mess. I also had a service provider coming today. With due diligence I used every dog product under the sink on this project. I was nervous there would be an offensive residual smell left in the house. Coffee, I brewed a pot of it to cover the possible odor. In short, the fellow never needed to be in the house.

Daily Prompt: Fashionable

Lamp shades- they really need to be replaced. Those lamps have taken more headers than any lamp shade should be expected to sustain. I am considering replacing them now that I no longer pretend to be the quarter back throwing a long pass, a pitcher throwing an inside curve ball, a goalie blocking a shot and so on – those dogs who played on the receiver’s end for any of this tomfoolery only haunt these walls.


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Shopping After Dark

Shopping after dark – the chicken was rubbed with garlic and the clerk commented she bought the bar-b-q’d rubbed chicken. I checked out, put the groceries in the Jeep with Geordie and then remembered I had forgotten the Hallmark Card which was on sale and the sale ended yesterday. I went back in. I could not concentrate figuring Geordie was eating the chicken. No, he was in the shotgun seat and again happy to see that I did return….perhaps to share the chicken.IMG_0116